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Benefits of using Radiology on demand

Medicine today has moved from local to global. Wherever you are in the C, or the world, you can send patient scan data through Radiology on demand and obtain expert consultant reports - fast.

Using Radiology on demand enables you to provide a better service Radiology on demand can provide expert consultant reports for patients or referrers who require second opinion. It can also simplify the process of referral for international patients coming to the INDIA for treatment.

Pre-travel reports can save time and expense and can help to ensure your patient sees the most relevant INDIA expert when they arrive here.

Radiology on demand is easy to use:

  • Upload your patient's CT, ultrasound, MRI or PET scan images through our secure system.
  • The scan is assessed by a radiologist and then referred on to the consultant radiologist within our team with the most relevant expertise.
  • He or she provides a report within days, which is then sent back to you to discuss with your patient.
  • Radiology reports and your specialist consultant reports and opinions are all delivered through the secure Radiology on demand portal, which you can access from any computer in the world as long as you have your login details.

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