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Benefits of using Radiology on demand

Patients today have a lot more say in their medical treatment. You may want to obtain an expert radiology report rather than relying on your local radiologists. You may want a second opinion, or to find the best consultant specialist to treat you.

Radiology on demand gives you fast access to leading Chennai-based consultant radiologists and consultant specialists who are international leaders in their medical field.

You can upload scans from anywhere in the world: all you need is a computer, an internet connection and your Radiology on demand account details.

Using Radiology on demand allows you to take control

  • Upload your own CT, ultrasound, MRI or PET scan images through our secure system.
  • Your scan is assessed by a radiologist and then referred on to the radiologist within our team with the most relevant expertise.
  • He or she provides an expert radiology report within days, which is then sent back to you to discuss with your own doctor or consultant.

If you also want a specialist opinion with a diagnosis and recommendation for treatment if possible, that’s fine; we send your details and scan to one of our team of consultant experts. You receive your radiology report and your specialist report, all delivered through the Radiology on demand portal.

Next steps for private patients

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