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CMIE’s Tele radiology solution optimizes the radiology workflow by providing off site staffing solutions for medical centers. We help the medical Centre to solve the problem of finding a trained radiographer to their institution. We take the images to the radiographers rather then you waiting for them to come by. Our panels of radiologist are trained on advanced modalities in large hospitals to give you accurate diagnostic reports on time.

We also supplement training of your Technologist in scanning procedures, protocols etc., to deliver the best results in Radiology.

"Two pair of eyes is better than one", we provide subspecialist second opinion to your medical images.

CMIE’s vendor neutral platform outclasses the walls of the Hospital to national & international boundaries. This makes the sharing of every bit of information between the Radiologist, Technologist & the Referrers physicians simple.

We have attractive pricing and archival models for providing you this service. Call us today for a discussion.”

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